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Get A Personalised Letter From Santa

Create the magic of Christmas in your home with our bespoke Letter from Santa service. Choose from many festive designs to give your child the perfect response all the way from the North Pole. Not only do they look authentic, but they are made to the highest quality. Your child deserves the full Christmas experience. There’s no better way of providing it than with your child opening a Christmas Eve letter from Santa. Imagine their joyful faces when you hand your children a letter from Santa. Fully personalised and addressed to them. There’s no better feeling than recognising your child’s busy year in the most magical way possible. Choose our personalised letters from Santa today and get free UK delivery.

Create Your Letter

How Can You Get a Letter from Santa?

It’s really simple to get a Christmas letter from Santa. We have a range of options depending on how you want your child to receive Santa’s letter. All you need to do is provide a few details so that we can create the perfect Santa letter in the UK. Printed on high-quality paper that looks authentic and traditional, maintaining the magic of Christmas. Our letter from Santa in the UK is carefully created for your child. Details such as your child’s name, hometown and what they want for Christmas, will help make a personalised Santa letter to kids. Our Santa letters have as much personalisation as possible. Anything you can provide us with, such as their best friend's name or their age, will help the letter feel personal to them.

As well as our cheap personalised Santa letters, we have a range of templates. These are so you can create a free letter from Santa in the UK yourself. You can download and print your own letter to Santa pack also, so that your child can write their own message to Santa.

Why not help start the magic of Christmas by getting your child to write a letter to Santa before the festive season. We can provide you with a Santa letter address at the North Pole that your child can add to the envelope. Also, we can provide Santa letter paper to make it look extra special. Get a Santa letter direct to your door this Christmas, either weeks before or right up to Christmas Eve. We can help you create the best Santa letters that will make your child’s Christmas a little more special.

From the letter itself to the envelope, all with a seal of authenticity from the North Pole. A letter from Santa to your children looks the part and will create fantastic memories for you and your family.

How to Get a Reply Letter from Santa

If you plan for your child to post a letter to Santa this year, we can help guide you and make it magical. Santa reply letters can be purchased by themselves. Or to get your child involved, encourage them to write a Dear Santa letter first. A letter to Santa Claus is a fun activity you and your children can get involved in. We can help you create a letter to Santa online using our letters to Santa UK templates. These are specially designed to help your child write the perfect Christmas letter to Santa. They can include details such as what they would like for Christmas or explain how nice they have been this year.

Our letter to Santa UK delivery will ensure you send a letter to Santa to the right place. It will also ensure it gets there in the right amount of time. We'll show you the postal dates and when the cut-off times are. This will ensure Santa receives your child’s letter in enough time to send a reply. Sending a Dear Santa letter will also help provide details about your child that we can address in Santa’s reply. Santa can address your child’s achievements for the year and the presents they wish for an added personal touch.

If you decide to go to Finland to see Santa, please make sure you have your GHIC Card with you so that you are covered for any mishaps that may happen while you are there. You must also remember to be safe and get travel insurance cover when you travel too, as the global health insurance card is not a replacement for this.

Fully Personalised Letter from Santa to Your Door

To make the holidays extra special, a Santa letter direct to your door can be the perfect Christmas addition. You can start a new tradition with your children by writing a letter to Santa Claus in the build-up to Christmas. You'll see their faces light up when they receive Santa’s letter in response. You can choose when to receive the reply, with a Christmas Eve letter from Santa the perfect and most popular choice. If you’d rather have the option to create your own letter, we can help provide free letters from Santa templates. These will help to guide you in the right direction. This way, you can skip waiting for the post to come and hand the letter to your child in person. We want to help provide the best experience possible that works for you.

Create Your Letter

Christmas Letter from Santa

Not only can you send and receive a letter from Santa, we can make the experience even more exciting. There are so many ways you can treat your child that goes beyond just receiving Santa letters from the North Pole. We can include further personalisation to help create a more immersive experience. From ‘Santa Stop Here’ door hangers and stickers, to bookmarks and, a certificate that confirms your child made the ‘Nice list’. These additions can help create excitement for your children and prepare them for a fun and unforgettable Christmas.

Letters From Santa FAQs

Create Your Letter

What is the Latest I Can Order a Letter from Santa?


We encourage you and your child to order your letter from santa well in advance of Christmas Eve to ensure you’re not left disappointed. We deliver right up until Christmas Eve and take orders from 1st January onward. You’ll want to ensure you don’t miss Royal Mail’s last posting date, usually 19th December. Sending your Dear Santa Letter’s on time, so that you can receive a reply from Santa by Christmas Eve.

We cannot guarantee you’ll receive the personalised letter from Santa before Christmas Day if you post too close to this date. Start early to avoid disappointment. Remember, just because you order early, doesn’t mean you’ll receive the letter early. You can choose the date you want us to post the letter. For letters that need to go abroad outside the UK, these will be posted by airmail. You’ll need to bear this in mind and order as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.


When does the Letter from Santa Arrive?


Depending on your requirements, you can receive the letter from santa within 48 hours once ordered. Santa’s Elves work quickly to ensure you get the reply as soon as possible. If you are ordering well in advance of Christmas, you’ll be able to choose when you would like to receive the letter. We’ll look to ensure we’ll not process delivery until the date you have chosen in your order.

As much as we’d like to, we cannot guarantee a delivery date. But we’ll ensure, because of our cut-off times, that you’ll receive the letter before Christmas Day. The date you choose will be when we process the order and it will be sent soon after via Royal Mail.


When Do I Give the Letter from Santa to Kids?


This is completely up to you! We’ll ensure you receive the letter before Christmas Day. So, once you have had delivery of Santa’s letter, you can decide when to pass this to your child. We recommend for the best reaction to pass the letter to your child on Christmas Eve. Or leave it somewhere in the house they can find it, to help build the excitement of the day. Your child can go to sleep that night in perfect readiness for Christmas Day, knowing that Santa has responded to them. Of course, if you receive your letter from santa early, then you can pass it to your child early. This could give them extra incentive to be good before Christmas.


Can I See the Letter From Santa Before it Arrives?


We can't show you the finished letter before we sent it to you. However, you can see examples of the santa letters here on the website. Because the letters from santa are personalised to each child, the examples you see are without these parts completed. But the templates will be similar. This way you can have a good idea of what will make up the full letter before you order.

If you’d prefer to see the contents of the letter before we post it, you may want to consider our other options instead. Create a Christmas letter from Santa with our letter to Santa online service. This will allow you to download different templates for you to create your own personalised letters from Santa. Whatever works best for you, we can help make it happen with our range of Santa letters in the UK.


Is it Safe to Order a Letter from Santa Online?


We take the safety of your personal details, as well as your child’s information, very seriously. We ensure this information is not shared with anyone else as well. Using a secure website, indicated by the padlock icon, ensures only we can see this information. The information you send is encrypted, ensuring it is for us and Santa’s eyes only. We do not sell or share your information with anyone else for your peace of mind. This goes for your payment information as well. We use industry leading SSL technology for payments. For more information, read our privacy policy.